Traveling with Your Pet

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Traveling With Your Pet

When traveling by car, pack a pet first aid kit that includes assorted bandages, gauze squares, antiseptic cream, an antidiarrheal medication that is safe for dogs and phone numbers of your veterinarian, national poison control hotline, and a 24 hour emergency clinic.

In addition to the identification tag already on your dog’s collar, a travel tag should be included with information on where you are staying. Should your pet become lost this will allow you to be contacted locally.

While away from your home perform daily “health checks” on your pet. In unfamiliar settings, your pet’s appetite, energy, and disposition may change. Watch for unusual discharges from nose or eyes, excessive scratching or biting of any body part, unusual lumps, limping, inappetence, excessive drinking, or abnormal elimination. Visit a local veterinarian if notice any physically or behavioral changes.  

Most importantly, NEVER leave a any animal unsupervised in a car, especially a hot car.  Car temperatures can reach over 120° in less then 5 minutes.