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Senior/Geriatric Pets


Senior/Geriatric pets require a change in how we interact and care for them. You may have noticed that your dog's eyes may have a haze or look blue. They are developing the old-age cataracts just as we do. You may also notice that when you come home your pet doesn't greet you anymore. Unfortunately, their hearing decreases as they age. Some rabbit owners notice an increase in urine staining or fecal staining on an older bunny. The older cat just can't quite make it to the window sill anymore without the aid of a step-stool or chair to help him/her get to the window.

We care for ALL Senior/Geriatric pets. Some of the main issues we deal with are:
Osteoarthritis, Chronic valve disease, Endocrine disorders such as, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism in cats, hypothyroidism in dogs and Cushing's disease, chronic renal disease in all species, dental disease in all species, cancer.

We recommend that your older friend be examined more frequently as they age faster than we do. Call us to schedule an examination and we can discuss more options to help your friend enjoy his/her Senior years with quality.


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